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General information about the hospital. /History and specialization and average figures.

In 2013, the Ugandan government secured a loan from AfDB and NTF. The purpose was to rehabilitate and improve Mulago National Referral Hospital, construct Kawempe Referral Hospital and Kiruddu Referral Hospital to reorganize healthcare delivery in Kampala. Kiruddu Referral Hospital would shift the patient burden from Mulago National Referral  Hospital as part of the new envisaged national referral system.

Kiruddu Referral Hospital is in the neighborhood of Kiruddu, on Buziga Hill, in Makindye Division, one of the five administrative units of the Kampala Capital City Authority. The hospital opened to the public on 16 May 2016. Kiruddu has two main specialties including Internal Medicine,  burns and plastic surgery. As at August 2016, Kiruddu Hospital's fourteen  specialized outpatient clinics  serve about 250 patients daily.The Hospital also has other mandates besides clinical care and these include;  training students from medical teaching universities and provides an enabling environment for carrying out research.




Service - We provide every patient and his or her loved ones with unparalleled service in an environment that is both responsive and healing. The Management, Medical Staff and Board members of Kiruddu Hospital will directly meet each customer's needs or strive to find someone who can. We believe that the customers come first.

Enthusiasm - We remember that the true meaning of this value is "to be inspired" and we do our jobs with the same spirit and commitment that first inspired us to work in health care.

Respect -We promise to honor the dignity, individuality and rights of everyone, and to pay particular attention to patients' rights to privacy, confidentiality and information. We will include concerned loved ones in our circle of care.

Value - We offer care, services and technology of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. We are responsible to the community for the appropriate use of its gifts, resources and support.

Excellence - We want our customers' experience to be different because it is BEST. We ask for our patients' opinions and act on customers' suggestions, in order to exceed the stakeholders‘ expectations of excellence.